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Massage incall Non Asian massage, Massage

Available in:
FEATURED Homepage, Santa Monica area and Beach Cities

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Bella Rose

If your soul is craving a deep connection and is ready for unconditional love, then let me support you with my unique healing touch. I will lovingly guide you to complete and ever-expanding bliss.

I am playful, sweet, loving and very nurturing. I've been told my touch is very intuitive, deeply attuned and pleasurable. I am a dancer and utilize the flow of breath with everything I do. I am passionate about embodiment and I love helping people access the bliss of their being. Joy, adventure and wondering into the infinite possibilities of ecstasy are where I like play.

As a Reiki practitioner, kundalini dance facilitator, transformational healer, and sacred sexuality guide I can help you shed stress, anxiety and fear and open up fully to the energetic flow of bliss and ecstasy. My spiritual approach ensures that this is a sacred and divine experience.
If you are a conscious, powerful, loving being whose destiny is to be a powerful presence in the world, then I am here to nurture and support you. Helping you to open, surrender and feel free to be light and filled with ecstasy. Come play in the oneness of sensuality with me.

You are are welcome to share with me your intentions, dreams and desires so that we can co-create a sacred space honoring your deepest truths.

I believe that joy is incredibly healing and spirituality and pleasure should be fun and playful. Expect lots of smiles with me ;)

I look forward to playing with you!


Available for Private IN CALL in Venice Location
Easy to find with ample parking

Personal Screening required, no exceptions
Discretion is as important for me as it is for you. If you do not have a Linked profile, Facebook page or some other way that I can screen you, I apologize in advance because I will not be able to meet with you.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115 lbs
Size: 2
Shoe Size: 6.5
Brown eyes
Long Brown Hair