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Available in:
Santa Monica area and Beach Cities, San Fernando Valley and Glendale, Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, Malibu area, LAX, Long Beach and South Beach, Westside

(213) 352-5122

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Natasha James

I am a model and adult actress in the US, my adult career just started, and I’ve got a new name as Natasha James (you also can find me as Marisol Roxx…).

Blessed with high cheekbones and the big blue eyes, my look is a perfect combination of mature and immature, and I have an attitude to match: a delicious blend of youth and experience. I’m ready to reveal all my sensuality if only you can look attentive. My intelligence, sweetness, grace, passion, and undeniable talent will take all your attention on our date as I fill your body with ecstasy!

As you can guess I’m pretty open to new experiences, so if you are bored and want to have fun, just text me! You won’t regret it.